DJ Larrykoek
Lars Maasland (Larrykoek) was born on the 8th of June in 1989 in the residency The Hague in the Netherlands. When Lars was 12 years old and still alittle boy he started playing music with old CD-Players and Turntables from his parrents.

It all started very small; playing music at birthday party’s, then in High School Lars was spinning records at every large School Party, and at the age of 18 Lars got the opportunity to become resident DJ at the Haagsche Kluis at “The Square” in The Hague, right across the Dutch Parlement.

When Lars started playing at the Haagsche Kluis he played all sorts of music, this was the sort of music that was suitable for this venue. The last 4 to 5 years parties and festivals in the Netherlands inspired Lars. These impressions shifted his focus to deep- and tech-house. A few DJ’s who inspired Lars are; Robin Schulz, Mark Fanciulli and Marek Hemmann.

Happy sounds, a vibe of the summer, a track that makes you smile, a sound that gives you goose bumps; those are the tracks and sounds Larrykoek likes to play.

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